Nothing better than reading legislation before bed. #vscocam
10.08.14 /21:45
Crazy storm clouds.
10.07.14 /23:42
Casual storm cell to my right while driving back from Lexington. It was one crazy storm that produced a few funnels but never actually touched down.
10.07.14 /23:40
I wonder what we were before …..
10.05.14 /11:13
My name is actually Beranda. I learn new things everyday. #vscocam
10.04.14 /18:30
It’s soup season!! 14 quarts of goodness.
09.30.14 /15:16
Breakfast of champions. Vegan burrito and coffee :)
09.29.14 /09:32
Today I practiced self care by taking a step back from school work for a few hours and went to an apple orchard.
09.28.14 /18:07
This was my attempt at making rice paper veggie wraps. It tasted amazing but some of them looked funny.
09.28.14 /03:03
While driving home from Lexington I thought it would be fun to take all back roads in order to avoid traffic. I got really lost, but at least the view was beautiful.
09.28.14 /03:01
Toby’s new best friend. Meet, feather.
09.24.14 /14:03
Puppy kisses!
09.20.14 /21:41/ 1
Dog kisses
09.20.14 /21:39/ 1
The coolest wrapping paper around.
09.17.14 /09:03
My roommate knows me too well. Best wake up present :)
09.16.14 /08:28
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